1. Since abstract terms are best represented by pictograms, visual language must be a        combination of emojis & pictograms.

Gros, Jochen: Pictomoji

Emoji-Sized-Pictograms, Key to Visual Language Evolution

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2. Emoji-sized-pictograms for „I“ and „you“

could trigger the evolution of emoji-language.

3. Wait for Apple, Google & Co?  

Free fonts with 10 pictograms

enable regular sentences in everyday chats.

With a thousand emojis, you can‘t write one regular sentence.

                                                That‘s why:

1 Pictomoji I-You-We Kickoff  (3 Min.) 

2 Pictomoji Want (2 Min.)

3 Pictomoji Have (2 Min.)

4 Pictomoji Make

5 Pictomoji Big-Small


For Example

1 English-Pictomoji #hello (5 Min.) 

2 English-Pictomoji #have (5 Min.)

3 English-Pictomoji #want (5 Min.)


Social Media

With a font of 10 Pictograms

you can write in Word or Pages

and format messages for WhatsApp & Co

e.g. with overlapping text fields and screenshots.

more examples

Love you

Writing and formatting Pictomoji

Gros, J.:

Visual Writing at the State-of-the-Art   

2005 Gros, J.: Entwicklung einer Icon-Sprache.

in: Piktogramme und Icons, Abdullah, R.,

Hübner, R. (Hrsg), Verlag Hermann Schmidt, Mainz.


Gros, J.: A Language of Icons,

In: Pictograms Icons & Signs

A Guide to Information Graphics.

Abdullah, R., Hübner, R. (eds.).

Thames & Hudson,

New York, London.

Japanese and Chinese Edition




the next but one milestone on road to visual writing  more



Gros, J.:  Pictoperanto

Pictograms, Icons, Pictorial Fonts

Grammar and Vocabulary

2011 ISBN 978-3-8423-7864-3

German / English, BoD Norderstedt.

Gros, J.: Icon-Typing

Pictograms and Icons in OpenType

Pictogram font

Typing sentences

2006 ISBN 3-8334-3261-6

German / English , BoD Norderstedt.


Digital Picture Fonts

Get the Rosetta Stone Rolling


On the Digital Road to Visual Writing

Sentences, word by word translated with emojis, if possible and pictograms, if not.



representing terms more



4. If a visual writing evolves, so does a visual handwriting. See: Manu-Script.              

Gros, J.: The Digital Rise of Handwriting and Illustration iBook 2013

Gros, J.: Piktogramme als Emoji, iBook, 2018

Sentences with pictograms & emojis

enabled by free fonts with 10 pictograms.

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