1. Along with emojis, the familiar vocabulary of pictograms with abstract characters like those for I and You allows for self-evident phrases and sentences ready to use in digital chats – when redesigned in letter-size.

Gros, Jochen: Pictomoji

Emoji-Sized-Pictograms _ Key to Visual Language Evolution

Paper.pdf / not selected for the emoji workshop

2. Just the pictograms for I and You could trigger visual language – when available for everyone.

3. Language arises from the grassroots in daily use. So, as soon as pictograms are available in a font like emojis, combined phrases and regular sentences could pop up not only in social media.

With a 1000 emojis you can‘t write 1 regular sentence

1 Pictomoji I-You-We Kickoff  (3 Min.) 

2 Pictomoji Want (2 Min.)

3 Pictomoji Have (2 Min.)

4 Pictomoji Big-Small


Experimental Science

1 English-Pictomoji #hello (5 Min.) 

2 English-Pictomoji #have (5 Min.)

3 English-Pictomoji #want (5 Min.)


Social Media

A font with 10 letter-size Pictograms, and you can write in Word and format messages for WhatsApp & Co e.g. with overlapping text fields and screenshots.

more examples

Writing and formatting Pictomoji

Gros, J.:

Visual Writing at the State-of-the-Art   

2005 Gros, J.: Entwicklung einer Icon-Sprache.

in: Piktogramme und Icons, Abdullah, R.,

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In: Pictograms Icons & Signs

A Guide to Information Graphics.

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New York, London.

Japanese and Chinese Edition




The next but one milestone on road to visual writing  more



2011 Gros, J.:  Pictoperanto

Pictograms, Icons, Pictorial Fonts

Grammar and Vocabulary

ISBN 978-3-8423-7864-3

German / English,

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2006 Gros, J.: Icon-Typing

Pictograms and Icons in OpenType

Pictogram font

Typing sentences

ISBN 3-8334-3261-6

German / English , BoD Norderstedt.


Digital Picture Fonts

Get the Rosetta Stone Rolling


On the Digital Road to Visual Writing



representing words: more



4. If a visual writing evolves, so does a visual handwriting. See: Manu-Script.              

Gros, J.: The Digital Rise of Handwriting and Illustration iBook 2013

Gros, J.: Piktogramme als Emoji, iBook, 2018

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1988-2021 A short history of letter-sized pictograms, called pictomoji

Sentences, word by word translated with emojis, if possible and with pictograms, if not.

Sentences with pictograms & emojis

enabled by free fonts with initially 10 pictograms.

Visual grammar and sentence building

but visual language is at hand.